Meet Tasty Solutions

The powerful, yet easy to use, online ordering, reservation and management system for restaurants.

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Meet Tasty Solutions

Tasty Solutions is a powerful, yet easy to use, online ordering, reservation and management system. Restaurateurs champion its flexibility and their customers love being able to both order in, as well as book up.

Tasty Solutions is a seamless solution of tools rolled into one, providing: kitchen management, order management, customer and staff management, store management, table reservations and internationalisation.

Meet Tasty Solutions – The platform that is about to revolutionise your restaurant

Mobile Friendly

Our designs seamlessly adapt to look great on any screen – consistently representing your restaurant in the best, pixel-perfect light. They have been built with the mobile user in mind – and as such users now outnumber those browsing from their desktop PC, this is now an essential, rather than a nice to have.

Mobile Friendly

0 Technical skills required

Tasty Solutions is a ready-to-go system that even the novice can get to grips with. We’ve designed it with every technical ability in mind. Super simple and incredibly straight forward.

SEO Supercharged

The Tasty Solutions platform has been built from the ground up with consideration for SEO in mind.Today the platform is super search engine friendly – allowing your restaurant to be easily found on the world wide web.

Perfect for chain restaurants

Tasty Solutions is a super easy to use platform, even where there are multiple restaurant locations to manage – all intuitively presented within one single, easy to use interface. This streamlines the efforts of managers who are spinning many plates at once across numerous restaurant locations; TastyIgniter truly is the essential solution for chain restaurants.

Tasty Solutions Chain Restaurants

Accept Payments

Tasty Solutions comes with a range of payment platform options so that you can take payment upfront for online orders. Choose one, or all, payment types, and look forward to delicious looking profit margins.

Run powerful campaigns

The Tasty Solutions platform is so much more than an ordering and reservation system – it allows you to run customised e-newsletter campaigns to supercharge your sales, grow what can be an invaluable customer email database and utilised to build strong relationships with your customers.

Essential Reports

Tasty Solutions can display daily schedules, show which customers are online and generate orders and bookings reports – giving you insightful data for planning the days, weeks and months ahead. An essential feature for any restauranteur with a commitment for growing their business.

Tasty Solutions Reports


Tasty Solutions is a platform that is as perfect for the English restaurant owner, as it is for the Turkish take away owner – supporting multiple languages through a default language that can be translated.


The Tasty Solutions platform provides for solid support when it comes to accepting a wide range of currencies – all built in seamlessly to provide for a faff free online ordering solution wherever you may be in the world.

Easy online ordering

We bring to life your very own corner of the web with a customised online-ordering system. Take advantage of easy to use settings that define your delivery and collection services, and we finish it all off with a design that reflects your company image.

Fast online booking

Take advantage of today’s short-on-time consumer by providing a super-fast online booking system, all whilst saving your staff’s time that they may otherwise spend on the phone. This system even works upon your table set up – guaranteeing no overbooks.

Trusty table management

Tasty Solutions makes table management a breeze and accepts your own settings upon table number, staff, status and seating – all within one singular, easy to use solution. So throw out those confusing order books and forget about lost scraps of paper with customer details on.

Tasty Solutions Table Management

Tasty Solutions Admin

Intuitive Admin panel

Harness the power of the Tasty Solutions platform all whilst working within one easy-to-use interface that helps you easily manage everything from menus and tables to orders, staff and customers.

Unlimited Menus

Add an array of food and drink items – customise your menu items with options and arrange them into intuitive categories. Then serve these items up upon a great looking, and interactive, menu page, for your customers.

An essential discount system

Run promotions that deliver consistent business throughout the slower months or holidays with our discount system. Accept coupons when orders are placed and specify discounts by percentage or amount.

Multiple order types

Provide your customers with the option between delivery and pickup, as well as being able to define standard delivery times versus the faster pickup times. You can even choose to accept solely one or the other.

Tasty Solutions Order Types

Tasty Solutions Review System

Business boost review system

Consumer to consumer advocacy is the most powerful form of marketing there is, and with Tasty Solutions' review system you can look forward to users reviewing your delicious offerings for the world to see.

Extension Ready

The Tasty Solutions platform can easily be extended to include a whole host of added functions, features, bells and whistles. It also provides content areas that can be chopped and changed in a flash.

Delivery Zones

Don’t lose money delivering small orders, define minimum order totals and customise delivery charges by easily setting up delivery zones. Which can be set up quickly and with minimal technical knowledge.

Tasty Solutions Demos

You can see Tasty Solutions in action by clicking on one of the links below for the storefront and admin demos.

Tasty Solutions Store Front Demo

Store Front Demo

Try the Tasty Solutions store front, experience what your customers will be using when they visit your restuarant online. Click the link the below to see.

Tasty Solutions Admin Demo

Admin Demo

Have a try of our tasty admin features by clicking the link below.

Username: admin

Password: adminadmin

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